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The Best Smart Home Devices That Work with Google Home


Home automation has come a very long ways from being confined to motorized TV lift mechanisms and other simple devices. It now encompasses so much more than simply providing homeowners with a way to double their space and save money, with those TV mechanisms leading the charge. Smart homes are now the up-and-coming home automation, and they are only getting more involved.

Smart homes have been designed around making life easier for the person who lives there, no matter what form that takes. Scheduling appointments, making lists, reminding you to pick up milk – it can do all of these as well as many more, with the home itself allowing you to control everything. This article will take a closer look at what devices are available for use within a smart home, because not every homeowner will need the same devices.

While there are several standards of devices which are used for smart homes – Google Cast, Nest, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and IF by IFTTT – they are all fully compatible with smart homes, and so they will not be discussed in great detail in this article.

August Smart Lock

One of the more innovative inventions of home automation is the smart lock – something which allows locks to respond to a command from a mobile device (or even simply the proximity of that device). This is something which is helpful for a whole number of reasons, including making carrying things into the house a lot easier for everyone involved. The August Smart Lock is for everyone who has ever wondered if they forgot to lock the door when they left, or when they went to bed. The app which connects you to the lock can confirm whether you have locked it or not, and also allows you to verbally lock the door (this can’t be done to unlock it so far).

Anova Precision Cooker

Cooking is something which can be difficult, particularly in this day and age of us needing to do more and more in less time. The Anova Precision Cooker is something which can help save time in the kitchen, and also help you learn how to be a better cook. This cooker has a voice command function, so cooks can control it while simultaneously working on other tasks within the kitchen, whether that is prep or clean up. The voice commands cover temperature control, the timer, and starting the cooking process.

Philips Hue Lights

These lightbulbs have a number of features which can be set to work with your smart home from the minute they are installed. The starter kit, which is recommended if you are just coming into home automation, is something which has a hub, three white and coloured bulbs, so it is very versatile for learning how to work the system. These lightbulbs let you have colourful lights or white lights depending on how you feel, dim the lights if you need to, and put the lights on programmes which can operate on their own.


Smart homes can, if the homeowner wants, be set up to play any video on command. One device which lets people do this is the Chromecast, which can connect a smart home to the existing video equipment and use any streaming services you have to find the videos you want and play them when asked. The Chromecast can also work on sound systems if wanted. The entertainment system is something which a lot of people want in their home automation.

Sony Bravia XBR-A1E

This is where the old and the new smart home technology could merge – imagine your new smart TV being lowered into position by a linear actuator powered TV lift! It could double your coffee table space as well as allowing you to bring smart technology into the home. The Sony Bravia allows for very high colour and sound resolution for users, as well as using an Android interface to connect it to the smart house. The TV can be controlled via voice command, from the comfort of your chair.

Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Another piece of home automation which is good for people who are new to home automation and smart homes both is the smart plug. What this does is act as a conduit for home automation – it turns anything that is plugged into it into home automation, allowing it to be controlled through the smart home.

These smart phone plugs are useful if you have anything in the home which is not home automation, but it makes no sense to replace it at this point in time. It is also helpful for people who want to try a particular piece of equipment out, if they aren’t entirely sure about automating it at first. If you plug this into an outlet, and then plug in a fan, or a coffee machine, or a cooker, into it, you can use the smart home to give it vocal commands.


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