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The Ring video doorbell falls down to just $100


The Ring doorbell has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years thanks to the brilliant advertising on their part, mostly involving videos where “customers” of the Ring doorbell experienced someone trying to (or pondering the thought of) get into their home, and they were able to prevent it by catching them live in the act. Of course, they weren’t the first to provide a two-way communication device that delivered this protection–but, they were one of the first to get the attention they needed to take off. Since then, they have gotten a lot of praise as consumers widely discovered the advantages of having such a system.

Despite all of the popularity surrounding it, a lot of people still tend to back down once they saw the price tag. The concept was nice, but the price didn’t always make you jump for joy and go rushing over to the nearest electronics store.

Thankfully, you have an opportunity now to pick one up at either or Best Buy for just $99.99, as part of their early Black Friday specials. This marks one of the best price drops for the Ring and with the holidays right around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to add a little security to your castle.

It is the first generation of the doorbell, which means it is the 720p model (the Ring 2 is simply 1080p, but still around $189-$199 on average), but also one of the most popular models–most likely due to it being cheaper more than likely. It allows you to get a live view of everything going on in front of your door as well as notifications during events like motion detection or when someone rings the bell. You can speak both ways with the person (like either tell the UPS guy where you’d like them to place the package, or tell those darn kids to stop peering into the window to see if anyone is home). It even offers IR night vision. It is weather resistant and connects via WiFi to your home network.

The new price beats the typical $149-$179 tag and who knows if it will return back to that price or not when the sale ends.

You have the option of the normal Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze at this price at both store locations.

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