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The very best Black Friday TV specials this season!


It’s that favorite time of year where we get to rub our hands together and figure out what neat deals we will be able to find on Black Friday that will finish off our wishlist of toys, as well as find some of the best gifts for the coming holidays.

Of course the most highlighted topics each year involve TVs. So many stores will be using TVs to entice people to stop by or ever camp out overnight, all in the hopes of getting one of those hard to find doorbuster. Now I don’t know if you plan on camping out or not (I know I won’t be), but we decided to throw something together to at least give you the right direction on where to find the best deals! So bookmark this page for later, and here we go!

(Note: links and notes of availability are based on the time this article was written or updated)

$179.99 — Sharp – 50″ (inch) 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD Roku TV
(Best buy) (link)

This is by far one of our favorite deals yet this Black Friday. Best Buy plans on offering a 50-inch 4K TV for only $179.99! That is a fantastic deal, especially since it isn’t a brand like Insignia or Westinghouse. Sharp is considered to be a “in the middle” brand between some of the top brands, right before you begin to wander the more “generic” options. Like Vizio, they compete well with the bigger names and are quite popular for offering big for less, without sacrificing features. This will be a doorbuster available in-store (only) and you can bet people will definitely be rubbing their hands together for this one.

They will also have Sharp’s 60-inch 4K model on sale to for $550 (originally $800). Although this deal isn’t as nice as the 50-inch model, it isn’t a doorbuster, thus you will have a much better time finding one, and it may even be available online as well.

Update: these are practically sold out across most if not all of the store locations. This wasn’t a surprise. We sent one of our editors to one of the local stores to talk about it and they said they ran out within the first half hour of opening the store last night to the Black Friday specials. Chances are, you most likely won’t have a chance to get your hands on one, but if you do, make sure to let us know what you think of the model below in the comments. We are eager to hear about it. 

$369.99 — TCL – 55″ (inch) 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD Roku TV
(Target) (link)

Here is another amazing deal on a 4K TV. This one coming in at 5-inches larger than the Sharp above, the price is a little more at $369, but it is still a killer deal for a screen of its size. What makes this a little better, is that it is available right now, and can be purchased via Target’s website with free order pick up from a nearby store.

Like the Sharp, this TV has Roku built into it, giving you all of the popular features of Roku and a 4K screen in one purchase. There may be a chance that the price may fall a little more on Black Friday (who knows), but it is available this very second.

$1,199.99 — Sony – 70″ (inch) 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV
(Best buy) (link)

Of course you should be more than familiar with Sony since it is one of the big three names in TV. Best Buy will be offering a 70-inch (wow) 4K TV from Sony for just $1,200, making it a great deal and $600 off the normal price. It’s much pricier compared to the above Sharp, but you do get a better name, and a much bigger screen. This deal *may* be available both in-store and online.

$999.99 — Vizio – 70″ 2160p – Smart – XLED 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Display
(Best buy) (link) (AVAILABLE NOW)

Speaking about Vizio, now this is another great grab. We recently reviewed Vizio’s 65-inch version of this display and found it to be fantastic. This is one of the only 70-inch models you will find at less than $1K  and there is a slight chance it might even drop a small bit further in price (small) on Black Friday (this is just our own personal guess). For now, the deal is currently available both on the website and in stores.

It is important to point out on this one that they refer to it as a “home theater display” and not a “TV” since it does not have a tuner built into it. Which means you will need an external box to feed TV (or OTA) channels to it with. Just a small sacrifice to make in order to get your hands on a really nice screen at a really low price. It’s like having a computer monitor for your living room to connect all your gadgets to. Plus, if you subscribe to cable or satellite, you more than likely already have a box.

$749.99 — Vizio – 65″ 2160p – Smart – XLED 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Display
(Best buy) (link) (AVAILABLE NOW)

Going back to the 65-inch version of Vizio’s XLED screen we recently reviewed, that model is also on sale at this very moment. With a price tag of only $749, this is a fantastic deal for a screen of its size. Perfect for a great addon for another area of your house or to replace an older TV with. At the moment it is already available at this price, so you don’t have to fight Black Friday traffic in the store to get it. It can also be obtained via their website online as well, with free delivery.

Additionally, if you have a Costco membership, you can also find this screen there for $10 less ($739). Just like the model we just mentioned, it is a “home theater display” and not a “TV” since there is no built-in tuner.

$1,499.99+ — LG – 55-65″ (inch) 2160p – Smart – B7A-Series 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs
Everywhere: (55″ link) / (65″ link)

Now this one is one of the most expensive of our recommendations, however it is also one of the best 4K models money can buy. So if you are looking to get the very best in 4K–and you have a lot of money to spend–this is something to possibly consider this round. The 55-inch model will be as low as $1,499 (originally $2,299), with sales already available right now both in stores and online. The 65-inch model is a bit more, starting around $2,300 (originally $2,999), and is also available in stores and online right now at a decent price.

These are the kind of TVs that typically draw most of the interest to 4K, as OLED is absolutely mind blowing, and these models feature most of what you find at events like CES in Las Vegas. To make things even better, is how so very thin they are. Yes, they are expensive still, but they are also like having a piece of fine art on display.

We will make sure to keep this updated if we find anything else that really excites us!



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