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Tiny fingerprint scanners coming to a credit card near you


A company based in our own state of Nevada, SmartMetric, has developed miniature sized fingerprint scanner that can be embedded onto something as small as a credit card, without affecting the width of the card.

The scanner allows banks to provide a much stronger defense against fraud while maintaining the size and features already seen in cards today. This means you still get the chip that is already embedded in the latest cards going around and neither the card or the new chip readers require any modification.

SmartMetric is currently working with banks around the world to consider integrating their new technology as they roll out new cards to their customers.

In a world constantly plagued with credit card fraud, this proves to be an exciting announcement as it could put the brakes on a lot of stolen activity, and give you more time to assess the situation calmly and call it in if your card goes missing.  You can sign me up for one right now!

Eventually, as the technology grows, maybe all you’ll have to do is press anywhere on the card for it to analyze your fingerprint as you slide it into an ATM or card reader. I wonder where it will go from here since we already have phones that we can unlock with our print.

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