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Turn any pair of glasses into smart glasses using Kai


Kai is a new device, currently on Kickstarter) that attaches to your glasses, allowing you to have voice control similar to the Amazon Alexa–only with you everywhere you go. You can trigger it by pressing a button on its face or via a voice trigger.

It simply clips onto one of the arms of your glasses and rests on the end, conveniently hidden (sort of) by your ear. It then uses bone conduction to get audio to you without sharing it loudly with everyone around you, allowing your communication additional privacy.

You can listen to an incoming text message and then reply to that text, get directions to the nearest coffee shop, check the weather, make a note and more. Literally, just like having Alexa with you wherever you go.

The voice on-board sounds like your older text to voice engines, so it might not sound great at first, but I’m sure they may focus on that as time rolls closer to release. Right now they are still trying to get past that Kickstarter phase, which they only have 24 days left in. The currently have half of their goal raised, so they have a little bit to go stil. You can jump into the mix yourself to secure one of the first batches sent out for as little as $150.

It does seem a little pricey, so this might explain the slow progress of their crowdfunding campaign. When you have much more versatile solutions within the $50-100 range (given, they aren’t mobile and this small), it’s hard to justify a product you claim will retail for $199 when it’s out, but you never know. This might be the Bluetooth earpiece of the future.


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