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Ultimate Ears launche new Blast and Megablast wireless speakers


Ultimate Ears recently launched a new series of their (so far) amazing portable speakers, giving way to the new Blast and Megablast, which replaces the Boom and Megaboom speakers. This actually slipped under our own radar since somebody there forgot to tell us anything about it (doh!).

In the past, we have raved about these speakers due to the amount of volume you get out of them, mixed with an amazing range. Their Boom was by far one of our favorite speakers of its size (still is), and even made Editor’s Choice in 2014. That being said, if these new speakers can accomplish the same along with their new bragged about features, they easily have a chance at winning it again.

Already bathing in the success of amazing sound (for their size), the Boom series had delivered a wonderful 360-degree experience, many hours of listening to rock out with on a single charge, a surprising amount of bass. You could also pair multiple units together using UE’s app to really fill an area with, and their Bluetooth range was fantastic. Oh, and they were extremely water resistant. Products like these typically result in a lot of “hey, where do I find one of those?” comments from those around you.

Now, UE introduces a number of new features that can only make things better, including a new wireless dock (at least, it’s wiress between the dock and the speaker), that allows you to eliminate the need of messing around with wires every time you need to charge it. Just like the latest smartphones, you simply place it on the dock and walk away. The only difference is this dock does involve small metal contacts vs going the wireless Qi route.

What really makes these different though is that Amazon’s Alexa is not built into them. So that means you not only have an amazing Bluetooth speaker, but its also like taking an Amazon Echo with you wherever you go. As long as it is connected to your phone (with internet), you can ask Alexa what the weather will be like later or the best beach in the city to visit. You can also use Alexa to control the speaker with your voice, allowing you to change tracks, pick a new something to listen to or “turn it up”.

The speakers now claim that they can reach a distance via Bluetooth of up to 150ft, as well as up to 330ft using WiFi. They of course still offer up to 12 to 16 hours of playback per charge, waterproof (even more so than before per their description), and 360 degrees of coverage.

They seem pretty nice! That’s about as far as we can get with it all since we don’t have one actually sitting in front of us, so we will have to wait on an actual opinion until that day comes. Until then, we can only imagine what they sound like–again, if they accomplish everything the Boom/Boom 2 could, they are fast on the right track.

Both speakers are available right now. I will make sure to include a button to both just below this text. Below the two buttons you will also find their launch video (which in my opinion is a little creepy at points, but whatever).

Buy the Blast from Amazon     Buy the Megablast from Amazon



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