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Undersea data cable by Microsoft and Facebook is finished


What has taken just less than two years, the data cable stretching between Virginia (US) and Spain has completed. The joint venture between Microsoft and Facebook covers around 4000 miles worth of distance between the two continents at over 17,000 feet below the surface, bringing with it an increased transatlantic reliability for connectivity for the two continents.

The new cable features an open design that allows it to keep up as technology grows, providing an efficient means for maintenance and upgradability. It has the capability of transferring up to a massive 160 terabits of data per second. Just imagine how many movies you could stream or download within a single second with that kind of bandwidth. In fact, Microsoft claims it is capable of streaming 71 million high-definition videos simultaneously

It will be used to improve on cloud services and video streaming for Microsoft and Facebook platforms as internet demand continues to rise. Perfect timing as we move towards a new future filled with artificial intelligence and enhanced video communication and resolution streaming.



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