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Vaux, a wirelsss speaker companion for the Echo Dot


A company by the name of Ninety7 has released a new speaker for the Echo Dot that also acts as its companion, allowing you to power everything from one source.

At the top of this new speaker is a tray where the Echo Dot conveniently slides into, concealing it within the speaker, revealing only the top of the Dot. Essentially, transforming it into the full Amazon Echo device (it’s larger brother). A hatch opens in the back of the speaker revealing a microUSB cable as well as a 3.5mm aux plug, that plugs into the back of the Dot. The hatch closes, covering both the rear view of the Dot and the cables, keeping everything concealed.

There is a built-in battery source within the speaker that powers both the speaker and the Dot, giving you a complete wireless experience that lasts for up to 6 hours of use and allowing you to place the Dot anywhere, without having to worry about nearby outlets.

The rear side of the speaker (under the hatch) features a microUSB input for keeping the speaker’s internal battery charged or allowing it all to be wall-powered with a single cable. Above that input is an 3.5mm aux input for connected a wired sourced of music if needed.

It is by all means, a complete wireless solution for the Echo Dot, allowing you to bring it outside and other locations were you previously found it impossible without power. Although wireless, it isn’t Bluetooth since the Dot is taking care of this already. I am sure this is how the price has been able to be kept in check. However, this means it is also only usable with the Echo Dot. This shouldn’t be an issue since you more than likely wouldn’t even be looking at it if you weren’t looking for a speaker for your Dot to begin with.

The new Vaux speaker is currently available via Ninety7’s website. As always, if we come across one, we will make sure to share what we find.


  • Enjoy your VAUX plugged in. When fully charged, enjoy it cord-free.
  • Compatible with 2nd Generation Amazon Echo Dot*
  • Amazon Echo Dot drops in and nests securely into the top of VAUX
  • Two active 52mm drivers and one 90mm x 50mm passive radiator deliver impressive sound and bass
  • Rechargeable 5000 mAh Lithium-ion battery for 6 hours of battery life between micro-USB charges
  • Premium fine knit acoustic fabric with anti-stain finish
  • 3.5mm Aux Input provides a potable speaker for your mobile device or tablet
  • Micro-USB charging input. Use your existing Amazon Dot Power Adapter to charge VAUX
  • Power button with status indicator light
  • Dimensions: Height 163mm / 6.4”, Diameter 106mm / 4.2”

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