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Vizio to release a 120-inch 4K Reference Series TV this year



Vizio will be launching a new “Reference Series” line of 4K TVs sometime during the first half of this year. The new TVs will come in two different sizes to choose from, 65 and a massive 120-inches.

Initially, Vizio was to deliver a 120-inch 1080p set but it later vanished from their product timeline. Most likely, they were planning to push forward with the newer technology instead before making such a dramatic leap in size–a size would officially place them as the largest available LED screen on the consumer market.

Vizio is promising a breath-taking picture that delivers twice the backlit brightness of regular LED screens with  384-zone Full Array local dimming. It will offer 1200 Clear Action refresh rate resulting in a killer image. They also say it is going turn heads with its low latency and 120fps (frames per second) leading to a killer gaming experience.

All of this is possible thanks to Vizio’s V6 dual-core processor inside that also sports a quad-core GPU.

Both models will have an integrated 5.1 soundbar system featuring a wireless subwoofer and two rear speakers. The bar itself is built into the TV’s base.

It will of course have all of your favorite apps and feature both wired and wireless internet.

We reached out to Vizio but the only thing they could confirm was that the new series will be released sometime during the first half of 2015. It’s not a solid date, but it’s a start, as it means that 120-inches of TV is closer to your living room than ever before. Until then, the largest Vizio you can get your hands on is the latest version of their 80-inch model.

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  1. If you were going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the world’s fastest car, would you want it to say Ferrari or Hyundai?My point, if I wanted a cheap HD TV from Walmart, I’d buy a Vizio, What’s next, a Westinghouse 150″?

  2. I want. Give it to me. I’m a sucker for well designed things. And it’s 4K with a subwoofer. Only thing really worried about: the VIZIO APPS, the resolution of the icons/widgets, and the lag of the interface- I think is what kills using it(other than say having a PS4 negating the use of the SmartTV capabilities…which is why I keep mine off/non-connected). I’m still confused how Yahoo! has a hand in the APPS vs say Google.

  3. Great looking TVs and specs, love my VIZIO sound bar with wireless bass unit and back channels and it is integrated into these TVs. Would check the compression on this video though, the audio sounds really bad in some parts.

  4. My brother has a plasma and my vizio looks better and performs better and my friend has a sony they almost look identical in quality and i only paid 400 for a smart 42 led 3d tv

  5. Albert Cooley on

    15 months later, still no word on this Reference television.What I find more worrisome is that I bought the P-Series 70″ (P702ui-B3) last October. Looking at their website to buy another 70″, they no longer list the 70″ on their store. 50″ to 65″ yes, 70″ fuggedaboutit!

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