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What TV is best for watching Super Bowl 50?


With the 50th Super Bowl right around the corner, it is time for many to upgrade that TV so they can get the most out of the big game. However, what if you don’t know which TV to get?

For one, when it comes to anything these days, size says it all–unless you are filling a tiny space, like a loft room. If you are trying to watch your favorite game on a screen 40-inches or less, then you are more than likely straining your eyes to find that ball as it’s thrown around. Right? Sounds like a good excuse to me! I personally am also a big hockey fan, so the bigger the screen, the easier it is to keep watch of the puck. The same should apply here as well, especially when it comes to the big game.

So, go 50-inches or bigger and you are guaranteed to have a great super party at your house! Go 70-inches or larger and your friends will be talking about it for weeks to come–and you will find yourself as the official super party headquarters from this point forward.

With size down, let’s talk about type of TV and features. If you are looking for something that won’t cost you as much as the best of the best, shoot for a 1080p LED with 240hz refresh (or higher) and you should be fine. There are plenty of models out there that won’t break the bank and still deliver an awesome picture. Our favorites include Samsung and LG. Hands down, they make some of the finest screens money can buy. With the 50-80″ range, you will be able to find a TV in this category anywhere from $600-$3000 (depending on size and quality).

Take it up a notch, and go with some budget 4K options. The prices of 4K models have been dropping like flies over the last year, and you can finally own something nice without sacrificing too much. The only issue here is refresh rate. Without spending too much, this means you will get one amazing picture, but will experience a little motion trail/blur at times of high activity. For some, this may be unacceptable and for others, it doesn’t even phase them. In this range, you will probably want to stick with Vizio and Hisense. They can really deliver a solid screen for the price.

Now let’s say that you do want the best of the best. Nothing less can deliver your favorite game, and money isn’t a concern. Not everyone can say this, but there are plenty out there who look for just this. The options are go big, go 4K and go fast. You are looking for 60-inches or higher of 4K resolution and the refresh rate of 240hz or higher (like these models). Once again, brands like Samsung and LG stand out. Sony makes a pretty nice 4K screen as well, but we have found the price doesn’t exactly balance out when compared to models from the other two. If you really want to take things to “epic” status, then go with OLED.

Projection can be a great option as well, but resolution and brightness doesn’t make the winner’s circle just yet when compared to an LED screen. You will lose on resolution a little as 4K projection options are just far too expensive to be worth it (for now). Your best option is to go with something like Epson’s flagship projector, the 5030UB. Of course, this means you will have to purchase a screen to project it on as well and get everything installed in time–so you better get moving. You have just a touch more than a week until the big game!

Just keep in mind that bigger most likely will mean better, but it’s good to keep refresh rate in mind. This will help you enjoy the fastest moving plays without judder, blur and other forms of lag. With a refresh rate of 240hz or higher, you will experience smooth passes and enjoy every moment of the touchdown dance!


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