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Win an Xbox One X thanks to Taco Bell and Microsoft


So the time is getting closer and closer until the Xbox One X launches in November, bringing with it the best gaming hardware a console has ever had to offer. Although there has been stories on both sides, saying that the console is going to sell better than any, or that hardly anyone will actually want one, we have heard nothing but praise and anticipation with the people we have spoke to. We too are patiently awaiting the opportunity to share our feelings about the new console when it comes out, but for now, we all have to wait.

You do have an opportunity however to get a head start, by winning a free Xbox One X thanks to both Taco Bell and Microsoft, who have teamed up to give them away (supposedly a winner every 10 minutes). All you have to do is visit any Taco Bell location and order the $5 Quesarito Box meal, and the box your food comes in will have a code that you can then text in to see if it’s a winner. If you do win, you win an Xbox One X!

Best of luck to all, as it won’t be as easy as it sounds. It’s been like an episode of Willy Wonka here at the office as we have blown through hundreds of dollars worth of box lunches already between everyone. I’d say Taco Bell consumption is up at least 400% around here compared to normal, so they must be making good money at the nearest location. Also, even though Taco Bell advertises it everywhere as a $5 box lunch, it isn’t always the case as a lot of locations (in our case, all locations here in Las Vegas) charge $5.99 for that box. Not a big deal, but that $5 ad is missing a big asterisk. Regardless, you have ¬†chance to win a freakin Xbox! So give it a try and let us know if you win. You can see their official rules here.


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