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Wonderboom, the latest in the Boom lineup from Ultimate Ears (Logitech)


Ultimate Ears (a Logitech brand) has a history of winning Editor’s Choice with some of their speakers and recently they just launched their latest small-form model, called the UE Wonderboom. Looking to be a cross between the UE Mini Boom (a previous winner) and the UE Roll (didn’t get “as much” praise from us), the new speaker promises to be just as loud, with a few added features.

As usual, you can find it available in a number of bright color combinations to choose from (grey, black, red, blue, pink and lilac), allowing you to pick from your favorite colors (or buy more than one so that you can match them to your favorite wardrobe items). It seems to be as small as both of the above mentioned speakers, allowing it to fit well in your hand. This means it will travel quite well.

The differences include being waterproof, allowing you to toss it in the pool with you during play. Enjoying some ambient music outdoors and it begins to rain? No problem. Enjoy away as it takes the beating without fail (given, you might want to find cover for yourself though). Also, it takes a page from the UE Boom’s book by offering 360-degree sound. Which means you can place it anywhere you’d like without having to worry about where it is facing. This is nice as because the UE Boom (also a winner) proved to have a wonderful range to it and a whole lot of power. If this speaker can continue that reign, then it will do quite well.

Just like the Mini Boom, it can pair with another Wonderboom for stereo listening and increased coverage (spread them out a little).

It is currently on shelves, ready for purchase. You can find it via some of your favorite brick and mortar stores as well as online from places like Amazon. As always, if we get our hands on one, we will make sure to share what we find.


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