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Xbox One backwards compatibility now supports multi-disc games


In another layer of backwards compatibility support on the Xbox One, Microsoft has enabled support for Xbox 360 games that contain multiple discs. This only expands on the already growing list of Xbox 360 games supported by the Xbox One and increasing their demand on the market.

The information was confirmed by Xbox’s Major Nelson on Reddit, stating: “I can confirm that the BC team has done work to support the multi-disc scenarios”.

This was a weak point with the Xbox 360 as gamers love the ability to continue their enjoyment of their games from previous consoles without having to jump back and forth. Better yet, for those just now buying into the Xbox world with the, One who have never owned a 360, can take a splash into both worlds without having to buy both systems.

It’s time to start testing out the new support with those multi-disc games you have laying around! Make sure to comment below or in our social feeds with the games you tested to work so others can know what to look forward to!



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