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Xbox One X is now available for pre-order


The time is now for general pre-orders for the Xbox One X gaming system as Microsoft has begun the rollout for the new system across the board. Gearing up for the upcoming November 7th launch, you now have the ability to place your pre-order via any of your favorite store, including Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store and more.

Hailed as the most incredible Xbox yet (of course, it’s new after all), the new system will boast the ability to deliver games, movies and more at full UHD 4K 60p. The hardware inside is so powerful, it would cost you quite a bit more to build a PC equivalent to it. Perfect for this Holiday season as stores prepare themselves for a rush for 4K TVs.

There is no word on how many systems will be made available for pre-order, but hopefully they will do a better job at getting these out there than Nintendo has in the past. Given Microsoft’s history with the Xbox, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern at all. However, if you want to make sure to guarantee that you will be one of the first, then this is your time to shine.


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