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You Can Now Install Flash on a iPhone 3GS/4 or iPad (requires jailbreaking)


We have received a few questions as of late about how to view a flash website on an iphone or ipad. This can now be easily done by jailbreaking your device. The following instructions will walk you through the easy process of doing this.


  • By following these instructions, you do so at your own risk.
  • The Government recently decided that jailbreaking is legal, however Apple still holds the right no longer honor a warranty if you do.

This will work on the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (it will not work on 3G due to the processor), as well as the Apple iPad.

Author: Imran (from ithinkdiff)

Here are the full steps:

  1. Make sure your iPhone is jailbroken. Read more here.
  2. Open Cydia. Go to the Manage tab > Sources.
  3. Tap Edit and then add.
  4. Add this source
  5. Go to search and type in Frash. Install it.

That’s it. Now you’ll be able to view some flash content such as ads and games in Safari. If you use SBSettings, you can also install the Frash Toggle which will let you enable or disable Frash easily.


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