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You can now use Amazon Alexa in your car thanks to Logitech


Logitech has announced a partnership with Amazon that makes it easy for you to bring Alexa into your car with a hands-free experience using two of their mounts. Now you can manage all of your favorite music with your voice or take control of your smarthome while on the road.

It makes use of Logitech’s ZeroTouch and comes in two flavors. You have the ZeroTouch Air Vent mount and the ZeroTouch Dashboard mount. Both of them have been on the market already, however it is the app that is bringing this new collaboration to the mix.

Originally the mount/app allowed you to bring the typical smart features to your car, allowing you to place calls, text contacts and interact with certain apps, all while using your voice. In case your car didn’t already do this of course. When you slap your phone onto the mount, it automatically triggers Logitech’s app, making it a breeze to get on with your drive.

Now however, even if your car did have some of these features, you might be interested in using ZeroTouch instead since you can do so much more with Alexa integration.

You can control your house by locking doors or shutting of your AC (assuming you have a smarthome system setup of course). Request whatever music you’d like to hear from some of your favorite sources, such as Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more. You can choose to listen to an ebook from your Kindle library or check your shopping list. You can even order things on your Amazon. Basically, everything you can do with a normal Amazon Echo, you can do on the road using ZeroTouch with Alexa built-in.

Currently ZeroTouch is only compatible with Android devices and the app can be found on the Google Play store. The mounts themselves round around $49-$79.




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