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You can now use Google Assistant as an intercom in your home


Earlier this year, Amazon rolled out the ability to it’s Alexa assistant to use their speakers as a way of communicating around your home, in the form of an intercom system. All of which can be controlled by using nothing more than your voice. A prized feature that many seem to have jumped at using, especially since you can do it from anywhere using your Alexa app as well.

Now, Google is spinning it’s wheels hard to catch up. Their speakers with built-in Google Assistant has now been given the ability to do the same. So if you chose the route of Google vs Alexa, you are no longer missing out on this option, and can start taking advantage of it right now.

Just like Alexa, you can trigger it from any speaker (ie, Google Home) in the home or from Google Assistant on your android phone (as long as all of your devices are signed into the same Google account). All you have to do is say “Ok Google, broadcast…….” and include whatever it is that you need to communicate to everyone. A great way to let your kids know that it’s time to leave for school or that dinner is ready, without having to track them all down one by one.

Now, if only the system could also intercept those younger ones who keep themselves hiding under a pair of headphones all the time. A nice headphone cut-off feature would be great to get their attention with. Sadly, unless those headphones were Bluetooth and always connected to the house, that would never happen.


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