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Getting the Moto 360 Sport smartwatch for only $59.99


Reports have been pouring in that a number of Target locations around the map have dropped the price of the Moto 360 Sport smartwatch in price, in some cases as low $59.99. Elsewhere, the watch has been catching prices anywhere between $169 and $199, making this quite the catch.

The trick is finding a location near you. You can use a website like, which allows you to scan nearby stores for inventory and pricing information (the product DPCI number is 057-03-0588) as a method of finding out if the stores in your area are participating or not. It isn’t always accurate as some reports claim that the store price doesn’t always match what brickseek claims it to be at, but it has allowed many others to find success.

Some reports claim the store matched the price when they were shown the website, some others matched after they called another store location that did offer it at the price and one report claimed they were told that location doesn’t mark down product until Monday. Still worth of a shot if you have had your eyes set on the watch.

One question that comes to mind is “why on Earth would they discount a smartwatch of its caliber as low as that?”. This could be a move on their part (and most likely is) to get rid of the smartwatch from their inventory. The reason to this would be the watches track record in sales and reviews. It truly is a nice watch, with a nice screen and some nice features. However, the battery life is “up to 12 hours,” which doesn’t give you much to work with. Most reviews involve customers complaining that the watch doesn’t last them their full day, especially if they are using the GPS function during a workout.

Another issue is that the band (like the Microsoft Band smartwatches) is not removable. The issue with this is that if you damage the band, your watch is shot as there is no fixing it (since you can’t replace the band). This has been one of the biggest problems ailing the Microsoft Band products since their bands tend to wear easily/quickly and in some cases, fall apart completely (trust me, I’ve had it happen personally). So there have been some stories involving this with the Moto 360 Sport.

Despite the few troubles mentioned, if your heart is still set on getting on of these, then check Target out and see if you are one of the lucky few to be able to pick one up at this price. It is ONLY in-store and note online. Their website has had zero reports of dropping the price below $199 as of right now (as you can see here).


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