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Why Every Restaurant Should Have A Website


Author: Justin Grey

restaurant+and+barWe get a lot of question from clients both future and present, and once in awhile we like to discuss them a little more in depth. One of which, is “why every restaurant should have a website”.

While every business has the same general advantages of having a website, each type of business also has their own select “bonus” advantages to include. Websites not only allow a restaurant to share it’s existence with an extended part of the world (or community), but it allows them to create a unique experience for both their current and potential guests.

With a website you can provide valuable information to your guests allowing them not only to know the location of your restaurant, but provide them with a map or even step by step instructions using an simple interactive solution. Have multiple locations? Provide them with an option to search for the closest one or to visually see where they are all located on one local map.

Websites allow the restaurant to display an endless amount of print material without ever facing the printing costs. Everything from brochures to menus, everything can be provided at the click of a button. Why stop there though, offer them bonus information that they normally wouldn’t think of asking for, like special calorie menus or fun facts about the food.

One of the greatest advantages for a restaurant, is providing an automated reservation system that allows guests to make their own reservations. Free up your staff from spending extra time on the phone, and use them where you most need them. Let the website take care of reservations or planning parties.

Websites are a great way to share current specials and new menu items. Not only can you launch the information on the website, but you provide your guests with a mailing list option so they can stay up-to-date with such announcements. Why send out a massive amount of postcards or coupons, when you can send a massive amount online for free (no postage required).

What’s most important (and what we always point out) is maximizing your lead performance. Don’t limit yourself to locals or those who read the newspaper. Expand your reach by opening up to the whole world. Tourists making their plans to come to your area, can find your restaurant online while trying to find ideas on where they can eat when they get there.

You can provide your customers with an endless supply of images depicting your restaurant, food or location. Let them get a visual of what to expect. Make their mouths water in anticipation.

Last but not least, the cost of creating a website is generally less then a months worth of advertising. In some cases it could be more affordable than launching a month’s ad in a specific newspaper, magazine, billboard or yellowpages alone. In return, you get an endless amount of advertising and a website that it always online for everyone to see, that offers more space than any magazine, newspaper or billboard could ever offer.

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