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Random Thingy Chooser


(Note: Now available in the Android market place!)

Ever run into a moment where you just can’t make up your mind on something? Let it be what your going to eat for lunch, or what movie you should watch next? Maybe what excuse you should use next to get out of work or school or the best name to choose for your new baby.

Don’t stress! Let this page choose for you! This simple script was created to help you come to that hard to reach decision…or for that someone who is looking for a magic 8-ball to answer a question…from a list of answers they so choose!

Enter some options, only one per line, in the text area below, and click “Choose For Me”, and this wonderful tool will pick for you!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that you and only you, are responsible for anything that may happen if you do what this tells you to. No one else can be held responsible. This script is only intended for fun.


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