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Client Focus: Graphic Design for Online Video Gaming Communities and Networks


Author: James Hrenak

We cater to a very large selection of industries within our work. Small business’, large business’, entrepreneurs, private organizations, city services, Hollywood, artists and so much more.

There is one industry we cater to that sometimes doesn’t come to mind for some but deserves just as much attention. The entertainment-based social network industry. From forums to blogs to full-blown social networks, these video game themed communities thrive with a heavy population of users. They are filled with personality, ideas and over-all good people.

We do a lot of work for these communities designing logos, avatars, custom signatures (sigs) and other miscellaneous graphics.  Their imagination fits their chosen hobby quite well as these users come up with some of the greatest requests.

These communities don’t just cover the world of video games though. They also include movies, tv, music, anime…the list just keeps going. Where there is a need for entertainment, there is a collection social networks filled with users to support it.

Here are some examples of some of the work we have done (click to expand):

This sample of images comes from a community centered around avid gamers who are 25 years of age and older, and look to gather so they can play with users around their same age more often. This allows them to express themselves freely while playing, without the worry of playing with someone they are unfamiliar with or part of an inappropriate audience. As any other community, their users are unique, fun to chat with, and filled with creative ideas.

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