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Help Tell Congress “No!” To New Sales Taxes and Burdens For Small Online Businesses.


Congress is meeting on the idea of passing a bill that would force sales tax onto online purchases. This would effect everyone from large corporations like Amazon to simple users/sellers on ebay who are looking to simply make a few dollars.

eBay’s John Donahoe (President and CEO) has reached out with a letter and an option to make it easy to share your opinion against the matter with your local politicians taking all the world out of it. You simply digitally sign it and they send everything for you. No cost, no stress, no worry. It is also backed up obviously by PayPal and Stubhub (but that’s more since they are all related companies).

Congress is considering online sales tax legislation that is wrongheaded and unfair, and I am writing to ask for your help in telling Congress “No!” to new sales taxes and burdens for small businesses.

Whether you’re a consumer who loves the incredible selection and value that small businesses provide online, or a small-business seller who relies on the Internet for your livelihood, this legislation potentially affects you. For consumers, it means more money out of your pocket when you shop online from your favorite seller or small business shop owner. For small business sellers, it means you would be required to collect sales taxes nationwide from the more than 9,600 tax jurisdictions across the U.S. You also would face the prospect of being audited by out-of-state tax collectors. That’s just wrong, and an unnecessary burden on you.

Big national retailers are aggressively lobbying Congress to pass online sales tax legislation to “level the playing field” with Amazon. And, as they compete with big retail, Amazon is advocating for this legislation too, while at the same time they are seeking local tax exemptions across the country to build warehouses. This is a “big retail battle” in which small businesses and consumers have a lot to lose. But eBay is fighting, as we have for more than 15 years, to protect small online businesses and sellers and ensure healthy competition, value, and selection that benefit consumers online.

The solution is simple: if Congress passes online sales tax legislation, we believe small businesses with less than 50 employees or less than $10 million in annual out-of-state sales should be exempt from the burden of collecting sales taxes nationwide. To put that in perspective, Amazon does more than $10 million in sales every 90 minutes. So we believe this is a reasonable exemption to protect small online businesses. That’s what we’re fighting for, and what big companies such as Amazon are fighting against.

I hope you agree that imposing unnecessary tax burdens on small online businesses is a bad idea. Join us in letting your Members of Congress know they should protect small online businesses, not potentially put them out of business. Click here to make your voice heard. Together, I believe our voices can make a difference.


John Donahoe
President and CEO
eBay Inc.

It truly would change the online world in a damaging way if they passed a tax bill that forced them on everyone. A lot of online shoppers *only* shop online to free themselves of the tax burden and headaches of the real world. You also have small-time sellers on ebay (some high school students) trying to just get rid of an item or two once in a while like a miniature garage sale. That would chase some of those people away from ever bothering with sites like ebay.

It is sad that the government only knows how to look for further ways of taxing its citizens vs managing the spending issues that cause them debt in the first place. Solving debt doesn’t require taking more from others so you can spend yourself more into debt…it means managing the causes the brought you there in the first place. It also doesn’t help that half of the taxes out there are constitutionally illegal if you consider how the country was founded and defined.

eBay’s purpose may be more personal than some since they are probably more worried about their own userbase (their success) more than any other site on the internet, but the feeling is indeed shared with the users just as much. So it is nice that they have offered to foot the tab for so much stationary and postage in your behalf.

Help to the government no by signing today! Comments? Share them below.


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