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Review: iClever Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Time for another Bluetooth solution that allows for a lot of sound from a tiny bit of space, and it’s waterproof. Today we cover the waterproof Bluetooth speaker by iClever. One of those small sized speakers that can easily travel with you, only this one also fits quite easily in your pocket as well.

It goes by the model number IC-BTS04 (I bet you can tell what those letters stand for) and has quite the slim profile to it. It measures just more than 6 inches long, 2.5 inches tall and just over an inch deep. So thick-wise (deep), it is the equivalent of a nice leather wallet with a decent amount of money inside. Saying that it fits well during travel is an understatement if you can simply slide it into a pocket. Especially if you have cargo-style pants.


The outer shell involves a nice black and gray spread with a nice checker-style design in the front grill. The controls are rubberized buttons that are located on the top along with the small mic hole for when using it as a speakerphone solution. The top right of the speaker offers an area for a lanyard (which it does come with) and the right side a small hatch for where the charging port (microUSB) and auxiliary (3.5mm) input is for wired connections. That hatch is made of rubber and used to help create a water-tight seal in case you get it around water. The backside of the unit features a small passive release for some of your lower frequencies (not life changing, but still present).


The buttons on the top include a power button for turning the speaker on and off with by holding it down. It features a small white line across it. Next up is a play/pause button, which tells you exactly what gets accomplished there. After that you have what they call the MFB (kind of sounds like a gun from Doom), a multi-function button. This button allows you to enable pairing mode (holding it down), switch between aux and Bluetooth inputs (when no calls are present) and answer and disconnect phone calls (when a call is coming in or ready to be finished). After that you have the previous track (and volume down) and then then next track (and volume up). Both of those buttons function for track control and volume and react depending on if you press them once (track control) or hold them down (volume). Finally, you find a tiny hole where the microphone is located.

Now for what’s important: quality of sound. This is where the story gets juicy and we get to tell you how much we like or dislike it. It’s horri…wait, no it’s not. Surprisingly, this little speaker puts out a whole lot of sound. Enough to fill a descent sized room as long as your not looking for party-like levels. It’s loud enough to hear and enjoy quite well. Indoors more so than out, but if you do take it out, you get the added luxury of it being able to take a hit of water.

Range isn’t perfect by any means, but it does sound like a tiny little loud speaker. No audiophile qualities, but it does have bright highs and noticeable mids. Your lows are present, but only enough to get a small taste and that’s about it. This isn’t an expensive speaker with fancy sounds. It’s an affordable speaker that’s loud and offers enough range to smile at it. The release in the back to help capture some of the lows with works, but you notice more by putting it up to your ear, which isn’t exactly the point. From a short distance, it sounds more like mids by the time it hits your ears.

So if you’re looking for a solution to blast your hip-hop or dubstep tracks with, then maybe you need a bigger speaker with more bass. For everything else, this speaker will work fine as long as you are looking to minimize your expenses. At the moment, it is only running for $33.99 on Amazon which isn’t bad at all. If it falls down in price, it means it will only be that better of a deal. Anything more than that and we’d say that we know a few alternatives (like the Aomais) that offers more sound.


The waterproof properties are icing on the cake. Sound quality is just enough (compared to price) to give this speaker a decent score, but the added bonus of being able to take some water abuse helps seal the deal. It is IPX5 rated, allowing it to take a descent amount of abuse. Some of their documentation describes it as waterproof while some describes it as resistant. We wanted to know for sure, so starting with the unboxing video all the way through to our testing, we made sure it took quite a few swims in a bucket of water. Splashing it just wasn’t good enough as we wanted to know for sure how much it can take. It never spent more than 15 minutes in the water, but it did float for the most part and still plays as if it just came out of the box. Bonus? I’d say so.

Since the rubber hatch on the side that covers the ports is a little thin, it’s best to assume it can’t withstand going more than a few feet deep and for too long. So you won’t want to take it diving with you, but it would act as a great companion for fishing or by a small pool or spa.

It has an 1800mAh lithium battery which can deliver up to 10 hours of constant playback. That should be more than enough to get you through a long day outside, in the house or at work. Another bonus for how small it is.

As for range, we seemed to get about 30-50 feet out of it depending on walls and other obstacles, which also proves pretty good compares to what we had expected.

You do get both cables for charging and connecting it to a 3.5mm (aux) wired device on the inside, so you are ready to go as soon as you open it, especially since it is already pre-charged and waiting for you. We have yet to charge it ourselves since we opened it. It doesn’t come with a wall adapter, so you will want to charge via a USB port on a computer, find an adapter laying around from another device or check out one of iClever’s many solutions we have covered in the past.

Our Conclusion

All-in-all, it’s a fine little speaker with a lot of volume, durability against both splashing and submerging with water, wireless range and battery life. All of that for less than $35 makes it a pretty good option if something simple is what you are looking for. For the price, this led to a great score with us. We have covered a handful of items from iClever in the past and each time seems to result in a good outcome.



Our Rating

8 / 10 stars           

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*Average price is based on the time this article was published


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– Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
– Bluetooth profile: A2DP, HFP, AVRCP
– Charging time: 3-4 hours
– Water resistant: IPX5
– Dimension: 162 x 64.2 x 28.3 mm
– Weight: 256g

Package Contents
1 x IC-BTS04 Bluetooth Speaker
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x 3.5mm Aux-in Audio Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

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