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Review: Western Digital My Book Live Duo Cloud Storage Drive



For a lot of consumers, most drives are meeting their needs now that the average hard drive is 1TB or higher in capacity. There are those few that desire more however, and Western Digital has a solution with their My Book Live Duo Cloud Storage Drive. With models that deliver 4TB, 6TB and 8TB solutions, users can use Wester Digital’s (WD) SmartWave Pro software to create backups for both local data as well as act as a cloud backup solution additionally to include tablets, smartphones and more.

Like most of WD’s newer drives, they come with support for USB 3.0 allowing speeds of up to 290Mbps. They support RAID mirror configurations and offer 256-bit encryption of the data stored within. It can be connect with your network both by USB as well as ethernet.

The drives support both Mac and PC, as well as remote access and mobile apps for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows mobile devices. The drives can also be accessed via other devices on your network such as gaming consoles, blu-ray players, smart TVs and more for media streaming. They even come packed with their own 800mhz personal for maximum performance.

Users can also expand their cloud space by plugging in any external USB 2.0 hard drive to the back USB port.


They retail (on average) between $299 and $399 and offer an affordable solution for users looking for a better backup solution for large data reservoirs.

Our Conclusion

These drives as both fast and offer a solid large-capacity solution for multiple device backups. The speed means everything when data is coming from multiple sources. Multiple options for accessing and using the drive is a major plus, and it can stand on it’s own without needing a PC for it to be connected to. The price point is nice as well since it doesn’t weigh in at much more than just buying a handful of bare drives. We decided to give this drive solution a 8/10.

8 / 10 stars           



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What is comes with:
Network drive, Ethernet cable, AC power adapter, installation and software CD, Quick Install Guide.


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