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Star Wars without music (aka “Star Wars Minus Williams – Throne Room”)


A small break from the normal tech news. Ever wonder what Star Wars might sound like without the soundtrack overlayed? Straight from the imagination of Auralnauts, they brought you a possible scenario. A scene from Star Wars, minus the music from John Williams, and with an obviously added personal dubbed layer by Auralnauts.


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  1. Seriously,i’m still loving this,just had a few beers..finished off some thing on the Internet right now!????????

  2. So when will Auralnauts release the original song they play at the end of this video?It’s been over 6 months since they said they would. Not hatin’, Just REALLY like/want it.

  3. Everyone complaining about Chewbacca not getting a medal, how about the other X-Wing fighters that survived and put their lives on the line!?

  4. Everyone complaining about Chewbacca not getting a medal, how about the other X-Wing fighters that survived and put their lives on the line!?


    Well since they never play music when they film movies, I’m assuming this is how it was when the made the movie.

  6. Spencer Petersen on

    It’s been a wonderful May the Fourth. So let’s watch that throne room scene one more time. With no music. You’re welcome.

  7. Has anyone ever realized that if you remove music from a film and tv show, that your able to see it for what it really is.Lets take Transformers 2 and 3(I thought 1 was fine, 4 I refused to watch) for example, the movies are bad of coarse but the reason why I thought 2 was good was because Is because the music was getting me into the beat of the film, which made me enjoy it.But when imagined without It, It was so boring and stupid, the music was the only thing that made it good, you take that away, your bored from it.The Avengers 1 is also a good example of this, take away the music, and the film is completely boring.Only films and shows that entertain us without music, is ones that have a good story and characters, like as if were following a good friend.I am going to prepare to imagine Star Wars: The Force Awakens without music and see if it is still good, even without the music.

  8. Fantastic, there’s literally zero John Williams, even at the start, it’s Gustav Holst! That detailed of a reference point is why it’s impossible not to love the amount of effort Auralnauts put into their stuff.

  9. Christopher Luther on

    Chewbacca’s anguished screams appear to be parade commands, judging by the reactions of the soldiers.

  10. Master Control on

    This always makes me laugh! Imagine movies without music and the scenes will suddenly be entirely different! ;p Still this is way too funny to pass up on a Saturday evening! ;p turn up the volume for this one 😀

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