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Review: Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones


We have a new pair of Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones that we have been listening to that Edifier sent us that represents their entry level products in which they can easily push around the competitors with. These headphones feature a low-cost design that keep their price down but still provide a decent level of listening experience.

You can currently find these on Amazon for just less than $30, and unlike a lot of headphones at this price, you probably won’t be taking them back because you found something terribly wrong with them. We have listened to a lot of headphones in this range that are missing so much. Either they have zero bass what’s so ever, fall apart as you are taking them out of the package or terribly uncomfortable. Typically, there is a muffled range and nothing exciting. This isn’t so with the Edifier H650’s because they do offer some quality, build and comfort–that easily makes them a winner in this price category.

You do have to keep in mind that these are not going to stand up to any expensive, over-priced or game changing headphones. This is not to say anything bad about Edifier’s brand since they offer some amazing headphone and speaker options on the market (like the Spinniker speakers that we have mentioned in the past), it’s just that the H650 seems to be where they begin and grow from there (comparing them to anything we have heard from Edifier in the past).

They are perfect if you are looking for an affordable choice for obtaining sound from something, but range isn’t important. You simply need something to make sound with and don’t want it to sound horrible nor cause any discomfort. For example, you are looking to buy a pair of headphones for your child’s Gameboy DS so that they can play without interrupting those around them.

IMG_6784The cushions feature foam inside and feel just fine on the ears, even after a long period of use. The headphones themselves are very light in weight, so between that on the cushions, you aren’t going to be bothered with them at all.

The area under the band offers some padding for the top of your head. It appears to be flexible rubber that is hollow inside to pull it off (no foam).

They fold up nearly for easy storage, but you do have to provide your own storage solution if you want them to rest in something like a draw-string pouch or something. In our video below, we mention that you can use something like a Crown whiskey bag that some of their bottles come with. The headphones do not come with anything to protect them with, but this is normal as you we found that we don’t see this until you enter a price point of $99 or higher sometimes.

The cable is not detachable, nor does it offer any controls in-line. Again, this is an entry/basic model of headphones and doesn’t do anything beyond play sound.

Most of the material is plastic and does feel a tad toy-ish in quality, but does feel like it will withstand more damage than you would expect from this price point.

There are six colors to choose from. You have the orange pair that we got to play with, and then there is blackblue (slightly tealish), pink, purple and white.

Bass levels are minimal but present unlike most headphones at this price. Typically, you find that you need to spend closer to $40-50 before you start hearing a decent enough bass presence for it to be noticeable. The H650’s do offer that decent enough bass presence, so you can hear more out of your music than just a tinny pair of entry phones.

Mids and highs are also average but present. They aren’t horribly tinny or muffled or anything, you just won’t experience incredible crisp highs and deep lows. For that, you will have to spend a little more money for a better model from Edifier–which they have plenty to choose from.

Inside the box, you will find a small instruction manual that will briefly describe the headphones to you, but you will most likely find yourself skipping this step since there aren’t many steps to these outside of remove them from the box, plug them into your device and place them on your head. Enjoy!

Our Conclusion

A great entry model of headphones for those simply looking for a solution to get sound from that isn’t going to sound bad or cause any discomfort. Great for young kids or anyone looking to avoid spending too much. You have multiple colors to choose from and the colors are really bright (if that’s what you’re into). They offer a basic level of sound and even a little bit of bass. If you are looking for more than that though, you would be interested in looking into one of their more expensive models.


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