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Microsoft announces Windows 10 highlights and introduces HoloLens


This is a big day for Microsoft as they announced more highlights about Windows 10 to the public. More focus on one operating system to rule them all (devices) and support for new future technologies.

Windows 10 will support all devices in the PC family, including computers, tablets, phones, laptops, etc. No longer needing multiple ports of the same OS, Windows 10 will adapt itself to the device that it is installed on. This allows for developers to support all platforms in a single app, including Xbox.

Any devices 8-inches and above in size will have access to the Windows desktop and applications. Anything screen smaller than 8-inches will only have access to the tiled UI and cross-platform apps.

This isn’t something we aren’t familiar with since Android has already been playing with this, but it is a much larger roll-out when you look at how many devices it will play with.


Possibly one of the biggest announcements though was the HoloLens. Microsoft showed off a new technology that allows holograms to interact with your daily life both at work and home. Demonstrating its uses in a professional environment, as well as the recreational environment by bringing in elements such as Skype communication and video games (ie, Minecraft). They pointed out that this will be one of the future technologies that Windows 10 will support.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t fall into a project wastebin anywhere, as this would make Kinect look like the toy that it is overnight. I know our office would be swarming with these glasses if given the chance.

They seem to be pretty deep into its development, so its pretty safe to say that this is something you should be expecting, hopefully later this year or sometime next.

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  1. Rakesh Ranjan on

    Interestingly we used to see in movie but now it,s real nd better one among all new gadgets….

  2. Hajime Pon kawa on

    For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world. Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.

  3. I see myself acting like Tony Stark in my project areas looking at stuff.. and doing research.. badass !

  4. Endermanek Gameplay - CS:GO och annat skit! on

    This… IS AMAZING AND CREEPY AS FUCK AT THE SAME TIME! Imagine…. everyone in the city going around with this on there eyes playing minecraft… THE ULTIMA PORTABLE GAMING DEVICE LOLOLOLOLOL!

  5. Ray Boyington on

    Apparently Microsoft doesn’t know what a #hologram is… but no fear, by 2050, the #Microsoft #HoloLens should be a stable release!(It will definitely be cool when a) it becomes affordable and b) when we can actually play with #augmentedreality .)

  6. ZillaGames ???? ??? on

    So THAT’S why they bought Minecraft? FOR AN AD? Wow you guys do really waste your money on stuff.

  7. daersoulkeeper on

    this is such a giant load of bs it makes me want to will be heavy, awkward, bulky, needing lots of charge, and won’t be user friendly like this magical Hodge podge of lies.

  8. Steven Ford Gamatan on

    Wait, so I do NOT have to buy a TV anymore if I Hololens? I could just virtually watch it on some freaking wall?

  9. Farq me! Will anyone even speak face-to-face in 10 years time? And everyone will ‘see’ the same things?

  10. I presume these aren’t real holograms (3D images created by shining a laser through a suitable dataset) but fake 3D images made by showing different 2D image overlays to each eye and not called Virtual Reality (Goggles for which have been failing to sell for 30 years) to give it a sexier name – or am I wrong?

  11. Renzo Mariñas on

    i need help with the windows 10 free upgrade. I dont see an icon on the bottom right and i have a windows 7 home premium and i already got sp1. plssss help

  12. Fabrizio Ballarini on

    Sexy!! I’m familiar with VR technology but this concept is very well presented. #vr #hololens #hologram #augmentedreality

  13. Iggy Peters on

    It woeld be epic tot add minigames when you schoot fireballs at other people who’s wearing the homo Mask etc

  14. Microsoft ya ha lanzado HoloLens, que transformará tu mundo y trae los Hologramas a la realidad, transformando la productividad y colaboración en aplicaciones comerciales llevadas a una nueva dimensión. Imagina a estudiantes utilizando esta tecnología. ~SupD~

  15. Im sorry but this shit isn’t gonna work. its gonna be buggy and make everyone dissy and puke. still gonna buy it tho. shut up and take my money!

  16. This isn’t holograms. This is closer to those AR cards on a Nintendo 3DS.A hologram is of somehow controlled light projected in mid-air, without the need of external thingies like special glasses or a surface of glass for the “hologram” to be on. This also looks more like a concept video rather than an actual showcase of what the thing does.

  17. Im founding the church or childhood amazement where we shall all dawn a halolens and say a prayer to the might ash ketchum and yugi moto before we engage in battle and duels

  18. O criador do Kinect e do HoloLens é brasileiro! Curitibano! Alex Kipman. o brasileiro é muito criativo!

  19. as always – the programs which were done by the actual holo lens designers – are mediocre. They are very basic just as Paint was for windows. But now – we have Photoshop and ZBrush.. And i’m amazed of possibilities to come when actual applications proffecionals will produce high end programs for hololens. It will be a blast. I’m very dissapointed by the hololens presentation on E3 2015. They could have transformed an entire stage to the minecraft. not just table. they could have made a Doom presentation in hololense – where person actually stands inside the environment. I’m now waiting for 2 things. Hololens – next version and applications made for it as well as adaptation of the older games for it.

  20. Hey you know google glasses? We did the same thing and integrated holograms.hehehehehe like anyone would believe that.

  21. Stratos Koumantakis on

    For the first time ever, Microsoft HoloLens seamlessly blends high-definition holograms with your real world.Holograms will improve the way you do things every day, and enable you to do things you’ve never done before.

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