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Preview before you buy with augmented reality (AR) in Amazon’s app


Just in case Amazon hasn’t already crippled the rest of the retail industry, you can now preview what a product would look like in your home (or business) using their app before you buy it. Similar to the app and service “Hutch”, you simply open their app and run your fingers to their new feature “AR View”, which is located by pressing on the camera icon within the search area and choosing AR View. You will then be able to virtual place product using the phone’s camera, to get an idea of what that product would look like if it was actually sitting there.

It is important to point out that the feature only works with iOS 11 at the moment (iPhone 6S or higher), so Android users are left in the cold for now. They accomplished it using Apple’s ARKit, so there is no telling if Android will see the light of day when it comes to the new feature.

By doing this you can preview all sorts of product, including furniture, various decor, appliances and more. So if placement is just as important as function, Amazon has you covered.

Taken from the app info:

“Use AR View to see how products such as furniture, speakers, and coffeemakers fit in your room before you buy them. Tap the camera in the Amazon app and then tap AR View to browse products in AR. AR View is available in the Amazon App for iOS 11 iPhone customers in the U.S.”


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